Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Happy Trails, Sweet Chunky Boy.
Sometime in the spring of 1995 - August 9, 2005

I can't tell you how much it would touch my heart to see these two every evening as Chunk would hop up in Raymond's lap for his evening grooming and petting. Theirs was a rare mutual admiration society. Chunk you will be sorely missed.

Evidently sometime last night in his sleep Chunk passed away.


Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Hi Erin,
What a nice picture of Raymond and Chucky Boy. Tell Raymond I send a hug to comfort him and a shoulder that he can get all wet if he wants to. I feel really bad for Raymond...and you too Erin a hug for you too.

Mark, aka Tatman said...

OH Poor Chunk. Poor Raymond! They looked inseparable. My condolensces to you and Raymond. I know too well about this grieving time for Chunk.

{{{{{{{{CYBER HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}

Mark, aka Tatman