Monday, December 31, 2007

Here's the big year end post that will hopefully catch me up a wee bit with folks. I've been doing more things and computering less - I found that I was in a spot where I either had time to play on the computer or make things, so I actually did some things instead. Did that make sense?

This past spring I did the Tom Lynch thing. I also did some painting over the summer. Here is a posting of the three 15"x15" roses I did. One was a gift for my sister's friend (and in-law), Sue.

One ended up with my other sister, Amy,

and the third needs further work or cropping.

Amy and I made egg ornaments for the nieces and nephews before Christmas. This was our first foray into egg art. I am using the term "art" loosely here. We had a delightful time making these. We did them at my mom's house and made what is quite possibly the largest mess ever made in her kitchen. Egg flew everywhere. Glitter flew everywhere. We laughed hysterically, too.

Here are the not quite complete fruits of our labor.

Keep in mind there are only twelve of the 36 we did pictured here. We got glitter-happy, to say the least.

Hope, this next picture is for you. Little Nedsel in all his glory.