Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ah - as I was looking through Tatday pics, I ran across this one from 2005. What a wonderful evening that was! This is for you, Susie-Q!

Back from Tatdays! I have lots of little projects to show. I'm sticking them all in one picture, however. ;-) Lazy Erin! I had such a grand time this year. The Palmetto gals were ever the most gracious hostesses. In spite of the threat of Hannah, things proceeded in grand Palmetto fashion. As it turned out, we only had misty rain on Friday night (with rain more in earnest while we slept) and Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon all was sunshine and smiles.

The angel in the upper right corner is Jane Eborall's pattern taught by Riet Surtel-Smeulders. The pink, blue and white angels with the dangly beads are Sharren Morgan's Abbeville Angel. The smaller half-necklace and earrings in the middle are by Nina Libin, as is the larger half necklace (the Blossom necklace from her Lace of Beads publication). I'm certain you all recognize Anne Bruvold's dragons! The dark dragon is a gift from Celticdreamweaver Sherry Townsend and the pink one was made by my dear friend Barbie. She decided to throw in some beads. Both of those threads are hand-dyed by Sherry Pence (Ladyshuttlemaker at Etsy). The colorways are Royalty and Fuchsia - both size 80 threads. I have to say I'm in love with the threads. Who wouldn't be?

The snowflake was an 'on-the-fly' project and needs blocking badly. In fact, all these items need blocking. The pattern is the first one in Lene Bjorn's _24 Snowflakes in Tatting_ book. I'm going to make another with spaces carefully measured now that I know how large the rings of rings turn out. I hope that made sense. Also, I'm going to add beads.

The sorry little bookmark is another attempt at Lobelia. I did three colors this time. I have to say I love lacing with Gutterman silk. Pretty colors and feels pretty to work with, too. I made this on my Bimboburg(tm) pillow by Mark Myers. I'm thinking next time I'll use some blue work cloths rather than pink and red. It got to be a little too much pink to look at all at once. Also, my next project will be some sort of yardage on the Sherry pillow I recovered. I'm thinking a Buckspoint edging. . . something very elementary, of course.

Sherry came to visit before Tatdays and we had a couple of days to play before we went over together. On the way down to Winnsboro, Raymond let us stop at the Giant Hobby Lobby of Spartanburg. It was large, but I was a wee bit disappointed in the bead selection. We have much more here in Knoxville. I was surprised. We did manage to find things to buy, however. Imagine that!