Monday, September 07, 2009

So Janie Lou Eborall thinks she's the only one who can get kidnapped!

Okay - so I used Jane's Super-Secret-Southern Name, Janie-Lou. However, Sherry T. the CelticDreamWeaver is presently being held captive in Knoxville. I have chained her to a chair in the livingroom and have forced her into hard labor.

We're busy at work - it's amazing how quickly two people can mess up a couch. And it's really and truly incredible how much crap one can cram into a little tatting bag.

Our concentration skills are truly incredible. Observe our intense focus on our tasks at hand. Secret agent tasks only revealed in the distant future to attendees at the 7th Annual Palmetto Tat Days at the White Oak Conference Center in lovely Winnsboro, SC.

Hopefully some other Secret Agent Items will arrive tomorrow so we can intensely decorate them in time for Georgia-Knows-What. Only with the passage of time will more be revealed...........until then, Secret Agent Erin and Hostage/Kidnap Victim Sherry signing off!