Monday, August 15, 2005

Blooooo Monday

Well, not really. It was a wickedly hot and humid Monday. I was good and went for my daily "walk for health" in spite of it feeling like a Turkish bath outside. My hair was literally soaked in the back by the time I got back to work. I blistered my feet, too. Oh, well, that's why we have the Band-Aid.

Here's a post of my progress on the necklace thus far. As you can see, the rings are getting a little larger. I now plan on creating the mechanism by which I'll attach the subsequent rows of framed citrine briolets. The necklace will also have a straight band attached to the top. I'm varying a pattern by Nina Libin from her book, Tatted Lace of Beads the Techniques of Beanile Lace. You can find out all about it here on her website. Nina's such a neat lady. I've had the opportunity to take two classes with her.
Raymond buried Chunky today. He's in the backyard next to Listerine. I need to get more plants to add around his grave. Thus far I've got pink bleeding hearts, white astilbe, a white hosta, some pink impatiens and a Lady in Red hydrangea planted next to Listerine. Lady in Red is a new hybrid lacecap. It hasn't bloomed this year. I'm anxious to see what the blooms look like up close and personal. Every time I mention Lady in Red I hear accordion music (rather than that dismal song from the 80s). Wonder why I keep thinking "Lady of Spain" instead of "Lady in Red"? Here's a funny one....when I used to play in a band in a past life we did that "Lady in Red" song. We changed the lyrics to "Grady and Fred..." instead of "The lady in red".

And for that I shall be leading the large weiner/marshmallow roast in Hell. Bring songbooks, girls!

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Gina said...

Hey, you are goin' to town girl! Love your painted shuttles - aren't they fun? Sorry to hear about Chunky. I'm glad he went easy though & you didn't have to make that choice. Can't wait to see how the necklace turns out!
:-) Gina