Thursday, July 28, 2005

Oh, how I love to paint these things...

Especially when they're for special folk.

And I have to share some more pics of kitties with you folk. Here's my tuxedo girl, Noxzema. She's pretty weird. She barks. She's also the overlord of my upstairs. In this particular photograph she's managing my pile of knitting.

Crazy cat.

Then we have my other kitty, Princess Stinky.
She's a sweet little kitty, really. Very needy. Very kneady, too. Here we've just kicked in for a long winter's nap. We're two contented cats.

I'm giving this blog thing another try. I wonder how many blogs are out there with the first seven or eight entries totally inane pap as I am creating now? I'd say the overall number is pretty scary. Time for another cat pic. This is Chunkyboy. He's my other big boy. Heh. Raymond snapped this pic while he was napping. Don't you love that "I vahnt to be lehft ahloooonnnne" look?

Cats are pretty funny folk.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hey, everybody's got a blog!

And now, I do as well.

Here's my first post. I have cats. Just what we need. More cat pictures on the internet.

This is Chatty. He's my big boy. One of his favorite places in the universe is this little spot on the rock wall in the front yard. Oh, to have that life.