Thursday, August 31, 2006

Great Googly-moogly! Another entry in the great Blog-o-rama catch up!

The little kitty has grown leaps and bounds. He's about four and a half months old now and is already as tall as Princess Stinky. Here's a little pic Raymond took the other night. Oh, and his name is Nedsel Ford aka Little Neddy.

Cats fascinate me. Every one is so unique.

I promised a tatting pic. Well, here's a sort of bad one of the necklace I've been working on for my niece (among other things).

Heh. White on white on white. I promise when I get it finished I'll put it on some contrasting fabric. I should wind it up sometime this weekend.

I made a hat a while back. It's black velveteen and brocade. The trim is a stoopid scarf from AC Moore's $2 bin that I tied around it for "definition". At least that's my story for now. The coat was my big summer clearance bargain. I got it to wear up on the mountain when Liza gets married.

Here's a closeup of my sister's hat (that would be Amy) for Phil's wedding back in June.

And here's a closeup of Miz Mattie. She's a cutie!