Wednesday, April 23, 2008

At last! I finished it! It looks like crap, but I don't care because my pillow is free!

Look Sherry - lots and lots and lots of booboos, but I don't care! I can do something else now! I think I'll make a snake! Or a bookmark! Anything but this curvy, swervy heart!


Monday, April 07, 2008

Okay - I haven't written much lately. I've been really busy. We are in the midst of reorganization at work (big one from the top down) - my boss of 20 years retired and all manner of chaos has followed.

Mattie's little dog, Mopsy, became terminally ill. I had to have her put down. It was tooooooo sad. Poor little dog. Poor little Mattie.

Mattie had to have another doggie, so we found her a puppy. Her name is Selly, short for Celestine. You can tell I didn't name her. My kind of pet name is more like "Listerine" rather than "Celestine". Oh, well. She's a cute little dachshund and I feel certain she'll keep Mattie off the streets for a little while. Here's her pic:

She's already trying to play fetch and hasn't pooped in the house in four days! Woohoo! She's a wonder-dog!

I've also been painting lately. Here's one of the results. Can you tell I had been feeling color deprived?

This is 18x22. Where on earth will I keep it?