Monday, August 22, 2005

Egads! It's Monday again, already!!!

The students are returning to school, too. Didn't Summer semester just start last week? How did it get to be August already?

In three days it will be four months until Christmas. Do you know where your projects are? I do. In bags. Waiting to be started. Yikes.

I've been working on the necklace and the Very Bright Doily (tm) this week. Here's where the necklace stands on day 9. So, like, I'm not going very fast with this, but I am happy with the way it's turning out thus far. I like the contrast between the black and the gold. Those gold beads are pretty cool, too. They're actually gold plated glass, so they're actually the right color.

The doily on the left is the symphony doily. I had to run one of Mattie's pals to the emergency room on Saturday (Mattie kept her company in the examining room while I tatted in the waiting room). Got quite a bit done. We decided since it goes with nothing in my decor to declare it a perfect neutral. As it goes with nothing it goes with everything. Made sense to me.

Buhlawgging off....

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