Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Okay! The doggie is a done deal (well, except for that final futzing about one must do). I'm going to send him to April (the perfect one) tomorrow afternoon! Whew! I'm glad that's done. He moves really funny, too. Please pay no heed to the mess in my house. Yes, those are shoes under that table. And Raymond's overnight duffel on the table. Gaa!

We won't even discuss the remnants of Raymond's "Wrench Manicure" (that's the reverse of a French Manicure - the dark part is under the nail while the nail stays pink) all over the front door facing.


Mark, aka Tatman said...

He is too cute! Pink fits him well. Well....sometimes us males walk funny. Don't know what to tell ya :-D Your sister(the perfect one) will enjoy it. I really like making marienette puppets. It is on one of my TO DO list before I die. I do like to do wood carving and plan on carving the head and hands. Then use my tailoring skills to make lavish costumes. Don't know who I would give them to. Just would enjoy making them. :)
Raymond must be working on his car if he has a Wrench Manicure. My manicure comes from working out in the garden :)

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Ahh Erin....your Pouff doggie looks so cute. Your sister will love him I am sure. And speaking of the perfect one...I think you have many and many really fine qualities about you....the sense of humor....and secondly...the way you communicate with others...and sense of caring and sharing....You are one terrific person and we are blessed that I am living in the same timeline as you.