Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I promise...I'm getting to tatting shortly.

Sunday we went to Kingsport to celebrate Raymond's mother's 90th birthday. 90 years. That's a long time. Of course, I forgot to get pics of the birthday girl and her bouncing baby boy (who just turned 60, by the way). This shot of the sunset on the way home will have to do.

While we were up there, we went to the EverGreen Garden center and I found the loveliest shrub rose. It's a hybrid named "Knock Out" - it was one of the AARS winners for 2000. The color is absolutely fluorescent and the blossoms have a moderate rosy aroma. The foliage is a lovely, dark green. Here's a snapshot I grabbed of our bush before it was loaded into the truck.

I also got a beautyberry. The berries were the most incredible lavender color. The hybrid name is "Passion Pink". What a hoot. I've seen white beautyberries and purple ones, but never this color. I really like the combination of the lavender with the eyepopping Knock Out roses.

Here's the head of the puppet I'm about to finish for my sister, April (the perfect one). It's Mother Hubbard's pet poodle, Toulouse (Too Loose, get it? [insert groaning here]). I'm in the process of stringing the pup(py/pet) up. I'll post more of him shortly. And tatting. I have tatting show and tell.


Mark, aka Tatman said...

CONGRATULATIONS to your Raymond's mom for turning the BIG 9-0! AND to Raymond for turning the big 6-0!!! I just turned the BIG 4-0 earlier this summer. A bunch of milestone Bdays going on this year LOL!
Cute....very cute pic of you with the puppet head LOL!!!! It is soooo you. And Pink hair OF COURSE! You goofball!
Can't wait to see more tatting pics ;)

Gina said...

ROTFL! I have this image of you driving down the highway, shooting that perfect sunset....as a pink-haired muppet.
:-) gina

erin said...

Oh, you guys are too, too funny! Gina, I WAS once a pink-haired muppet in a past life long ago and far away when I was pretending I was a musician. And I promise there will soon be tatting to show and tell. I promise. I really do. Really.

erin said...

And Mark, you are so sweet. ;)

And yes. Poodles must be pink. Especially if they're male.

secret santa said...

Erin, those beautyberries must have been a fit of Pink Passion between the purple ones and the white ones.

Berries are always my favorite but I didn't khow the bushes go in for hanky panky when no one's lookin'! LOL!

secret santa