Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welcome to Baby Peter Joseph!

Hi, gang! It's been quiet here (not really) and I've mostly been puttering about (not really) and not doing much of anything (not really). We just got back from a delightful visit with my dear sister, April. Her daughter, my beloved niece, Liza, and her equally beloved husband, Joseph, met us there with their new addition PETER JOSEPH. Woowooohooooo! He's wearing a christening gown I made back in 1980 for Liza when she was born. I was so tickled that Peter wore it for his christening last week. April judiciously tacked the lacy bits underneath here and there so it looked more boyish than girlish (although I would prefer we went back to dressing all babies as babies and worry about the gender thing after about 2 years of age - much more economical). His hair really does stick up like a little Kewpie Doll. He is adorable and I am in love.

I have a picture of the beach as a special request for Sherry. Sherry, here's the beach! It was beautiful. But Fresh Babies trump the beach any day.

Now you know why I named this little guy Peter Joseph Rabbit. Tada!



Sara said...

I´m looking forward to bee there!

Madtatter80 said...

Cute baby and looks like you got lots you are up too. i started a blog not to long ago its called Carollyn's tatting blog come and visit if you got a moment.