Monday, March 05, 2012

It's been a while. . .

But I've been busy. I took a tiny pause from tatting (I said *tiny*) and did a little project for my pal, Margot Potter. Tennessee is a better place for Margot having landed here. She's a wellspring of creativity - she's written at least 7 books on jewelry making that I know of, and has created volumes of instructional video as well. She's started a fun place called "Your Grandmother's Crafts" - and you know me - I'm a sucker for Granny's crafts! I did a little crochet pattern for her that's posted today, but do please check out all of her project ideas. I'm still thinking about Sunday morning's crepes.

Margot's got some great things coming down the pike for those of us who dabble in lots of different things and love retro-inspired creations. Check it out!


Martha said...

Your bunny is so cute!

Isdihara said...

Such a happy hopper!

Thank you for mentioning "Your Grandmother's Crafts!" it is my newest guilty pleasure. (ooh la la, those crepes)

Margot Potter said...

Thanks for the linky love and the a do ra ble bunny!