Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yes, that's little Nedsel who isn't quite so small now. Oh, they just don't stay babies long enough. But he still looks pretty retarded hanging out in the bathroom basin. He still likes to help in the mornings whenever someone has to do something like brush their teeth or wash a face or hands.

I think I may finish up my Christmas tatting soon. Then it'll be time to start it all over again. Heidi, one of the Tattinggoddess goddesses, informed us a day or so ago she just finished sending out her Christmas cards and took down her tree. Heidi, don't feel badly. I still haven't finished with either yet. In fact, I never really finished getting all the Christmas decor up. Some of the items came downstairs in their boxes where they still sit. Oh, geeze. Well, I just had some things happen which had higher priority. That's life. And so it goes.

I haven't shared all the beautiful things I received for Christmas this year. I participated in the "Secret Santa" exchange on Tattinggoddess. What a wonderful group of people. I'm still trying to figure out who my santa is. She's certainly got a sense of style and humor! I love what she made!

She sent some beautiful candles for the tree. They don't show up so well here, but they're simply stunning.

On the right is the wildest pink ball - I love it! It speaks for itself - and the ribbon rosette on top for a hanger is genius. Ms. Santa also sent some very lovely bells she made from golden thread, and a gorgeous little sachet (smells so sweet, too!) with beautifully tatted roses.

You can see I'm not the only tatting fan here.


Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

FINALLY ERIN you updated your blog. I am so glad that every once in awhile I go to your blog to see if you have written anything...You got some mighty fine tatting things in your SS exchange this year.
My advice to you Erin is don't wait so long to post again...but maybe I shouldn't be giving out advice...I haven't updated mine in awhile either...just not much going on lately to show or write about except I did finish a bobbinlace Butterfly recently and am not working on a thistle bookmark pattern in Bobbinlace.

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

oops that should be I am now working on a thistle bookmark pattern in bobbinlace. I am making it in black thread with some metallic threads too...just to add a bit of sparkle to the lace.:)