Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Oh, I am so incredibly baaaaad. I fear I haven't updated in a very long time, so be prepared. This is going to take a little while.

I still haven't sent all my Christmas packages out. Now they're going to be Martin Luther King Day gifts, or Groundhog Day gifts. That's okay. Well, not really, but there isn't much I can do about that now, is there? So there. Great things come to those who wait.

I do have many, many Christmas pretties to share.

To get things warmed up, here is a pic of the sunset from our trip back from Kingsport on Sunday. It was a stunning sunset.

Sherry wanted to see my lace pillow. Here goes. I've loaded it up with my tatting "swag" from Christmas, too. It's a thing of beauty, I'm telling you. Sorry about these pics looking sort of dark. I was trying to do a natural light thing.

Here's the whole enchilada:

My Secret Santa partner was Bette. She sent a beautiful ornament with the note suggesting that I might use this adornment as an earring when not used as a tree ornament. What a hoot! I just might do that, Bette. She also sent the beautiful little purple earrings, an important reference work on the Sweet Potato Queens (I think I may be one, Bette) and a ton of chocolate. And some beads! And Look! It's a pink ornament! How'd she know?

I got a beautiful card and an unexpected surprise from the Myers folk. Part of it is still a surprise, but I can share this beautiful wreath that Mark tatted. I've got it on my all-white-fight-the-winter-blahs snowflake tree that's up in my dining room even now as I write. It's gorgeous.

The most incredible parcel came from dear, sweet Sherry - I cried when I opened it (at first it was because I was laughing so hard, but everything was so beautiful and Sherry's had such a rough year). She went way above and beyond the call of duty. She gave me lots of funny foot and shoe related stuff. The real beauty was this bobbin-lace/tatted ornament. It's hanging on my big Christmas tree - yes, I still have it up!

Sherry also painted the most incredible bobbins. You can see them in use on my pillow - I tried to get a good closeup, but Sherry is way better at that than I am. One has beautiful sparkly Christmas Stars flitting all about while the other is captioned "Erin Shopping". You can't read it, but she actually has "Wally World" and "JoAnn's Fabrics" on there. And yes, those are pink glittery shoes that actually have teensy glitter. And a matching handbag. Amazing.

Here's the shoe ornament she sent. I like the way it looks like a mismatched pair when I have it next to the pincushion on the bobbin lace pillow.

I promise - there are more pics to post in a wee bit. I must gather them presently.

Now is the time for me to insert a footnote. Sherry, this is too funny!

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