Monday, September 19, 2005

So I didn't like those rings flopping all about. I fixed that. I also finished, too. Well, I think it's finished. Except for working in the ends, then a little blocking is in order....I'm going to let it rest a day or two before I decide if it's done. In the meantime I have a little celtic type cross to design and make to complete the framed trio of motifs (the cross will accompany a butterfly and a heart - I'm putting them in a simple black frame that accomodates three 3 by 5 inch objects). Woohoo. Big weight off the old brain.

Then I must, must, must finish up the TAT apprentice phase. I feel dismally behind on that. Then there's the 15 Christmas ornaments to tat and some other surprises up my sleeve.

Oh, and that wedding stuff. Geesh. I better get busy.

Oh, and I have to make a poodle puppet for my sister. By Friday. Whoops.


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