Thursday, September 01, 2005

Go figure.

I have no tatting ready to display as of yet - I have started the citrine row on the necklace, but it's just not ready to show yet (still don't know if I'm quite happy with it). I did run across a couple of funny pics to share. These are from Erin's Archive of the Weird.

Raymond and I have some friends who live in a nearby little town named New Market. Don and Marsha are retired (Marsha is a needle tatter - yay, Marsha!). Marsha likes doing all manner of crafty things and one of her hobbies is ceramics. Don has built the most wonderful studio complete with huge shelves to accomodate her many molds and a great area for an enormous kiln. While we were over there one evening, we spied this little fellow and Marsha generously gave him to us.

I guess you're wondering why we had to have this little fellow. Well, let me introduce you to our neighbor, Calvin. Calvin lives across the street and does odd jobs for a living...sort of the neighborhood Boo Radley.
(Please scroll down.)

Frightening, isn't it?