Sunday, November 15, 2009

More about Tat Days 2009
On Friday Morning we started things out with a little Trade a Tip session which got everyone's tatting fingers loosened up. The classrooms at White Oaks are really lovely - lots of great natural light from the generous floor-to-ceiling windows. I learned lots of nifty tricks from the tatting borg, plus had a great time just being in the element. There is a certain comfort that comes with being with kindred folk.

The Palmetto folk think of everything. All that tatting can really tax one's system. The gals saw to it there were always good provisions on hand. This is the glorious "hallway of food and drink" they set up with all sorts of snacks - chocolate, of course, and other sweet and savory lovelies. There was a complete coffee and tea service as well. And water. Don't forget the water. Hi, there, Sherry!

Tracy Jackson was the "big vendor" - Here she is with her tremendous "ocean of thread". Oh, the colors! And the variety! She had some fabulous sales going on as well. I stocked up on size 70 and 80 cordonnet. Yep - I figure I'll be about 283 years old by the time I run out. Hey, Jane! Quit talking and buy more thread!

Ronnie and Teresa Woods graciously manned the cash register for the other vendors. It would make my head swim for days to keep all that straight. They're always good for words of encouragement (Erin, this shuttle is so you! You really need to buy it!). Needless to say, I did, and I'm a happy camper. ;-) That's "G-L-O-R-I-A" Gloria with them. Gloria took care of the Silent Auction table which was located directly across from Ronnie and Teresa.

Meanwhile on Friday morning we had folk still registering for the event. Here are Donna and Katharine hard at work at the check-in table. They also spent a great deal of time putting out the inevitable "little fires" and seeing to it that classes and events ran smoothly.


Sally Kerson said...

Thanks for the pictures,can't imagine sooooooo many tatters together. I like spying on these events, especially when I see "big sister" - yep she does talk alot!!!! If she catches me here I will be in trouble!!!

tattrldy said...

Thanks so much for posting pictures. Your commentary is great, too. It must be nice getting together with so many other tatters!