Friday, August 14, 2009

Still no tatting to show yet, but I did have a couple of funny pictures to share!

Princess Stinky likes to "help" me do things - especially during the evenings. She's such a *good* little helper.

A contented cat at her pillow. Speaking of pillow - this is the nifty pillow Mark Myers made for me - dig the groovy beaded fringe. Barbie likes it very much, too, thank you. The pink keeps me awake. He gave me that vivid pincushion, too. It's a ball of felted wool. Great pincushion!

The multitudinous bobbins are some I've painted, but mostly ones that Sherry (Celticdreamweaver) has painted for me over the years. They are dear treasures. Sherry's a dear treasure, too. ;-) And she's going to visit very soon and we're gonna play and have fun!

While I'm on the topic of cats, I came downstairs this morning and saw this: Two little innocent cats napping in the livingroom all cuddled up together. I thought, "Awwwww." And took a picture.

Then I went around to the front to get another picture from another angle. This is the result: Devil Cats from Hell....heehee!

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Tattycat said...

Cute pictures of your kitties. Those are very nice things Mark made for you.