Saturday, November 22, 2008

Look who came to my house! It's the PussyTat Dolls and their little friend, BriTatney Spears (she's the one in blue)! I do send my robust apologies to Jane Eborall who started the whole TatBead wave, further perpetuated by Martha Ess. Janey, oh Janey has the original Tatbead family posted here. Martha Ess expanded the family a bit, along with Pam Myers, Jessica Kuligowski, and Elaine Law, which Jane graciously posted here. Do try some of these! They're addictive.

Here's a doodle from a couple of weeks ago. I thought it looked like a tree. Any other opinions? I'm messing with this doodle a bit more.


Jane Eborall said...

Yer stark staring bonkers, woman!!!
I wish you hadn't posted this as it's made me itch to make more again!!!!

TattingChic said...

That's cute, "pussy-tat" dolls and "BriTATney"...hee hee.
The doodle does look like a tree. Do it in green and add some red beads and you've got yourself a new Christmas Motif! Cool!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

I like the new family of TatBeads, I also love the tree pattern. Actually I like it in pink and green...and hey Wally World today I saw an artifical "PINK" Christmas tree. Automatically I thought of you. It had you written all over it.
So what else is new?

Tattycat said...

This is very cute. You have a great imagination! I just found you through a comment you made to Celtic Dream Weaver. Your buhlawg is very nice.

erin said...

Thanks, all! Jane, I'm bonkers from hanging out with folk like you, heehee! Thanks for starting the Tat Bead virus!

Chickie, I think I shall try another tree today with some beads, but I have a little different idea in mind....stay tuned....

Sherry - I've gone out to buy a can of pink Krylon. I can't be outdone by Walmart. Must have pink tree.

Tattycat, welcome aboard!
Geesh, I thought Mark and Sherry were the only folk who ever read this! Wow.