Thursday, November 02, 2006

At long last! Photos of the Royal Wedding!

Liza and Joe were married at Wintergreen Resort - Joe worked there up until he and Liza married. It's a beautiful place - up in the mountains in Central Virginia. On the way there we happened upon this strange little building which was built to look like a coffee pot. I want one in my backyard!

My brother, Rusty, and I played for the wedding. Since it was outdoors we didn't expect there would be any place to plug things in. There wasn't. And we were attempting to sit on a grade that was at least 30 degrees out of our favor. The wind was rather brisk that day, also. Our music kept blowing off the stands, and then the actual stands started blowing over. I ended up putting my music on the ground (well, we *were* sitting on that rather steep grade). Oh, and it was COOOOOOOOOLLLLDDDD! Well, we were at a ski resort, after all. Duh.

Here is my family along with the beautiful bride and handsome prince of a groom. Aren't they cuties?

This was my favorite of the black and white pics we took.

I was very happy with the way everything turned out. And now I can get back to somewhat more normalcy!


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