Monday, July 10, 2006

I am so dismally behind in blogging. I have tons and gobs of photos from wedding stuff and tat-days stuff and projects and cats and kittens and such.

Woe is me.

First I'll start sort of backwards. Here's the new kitty, OpieTaylorChiChiRodriguesNedselFordViggoMortensen.

He's grown a whole lot since this photo was taken about a month ago. I'll update the pics shortly. First I absolutely must finish this post.

As you can see from little Neddy's picture, I started this post on July 10. It's now August 6. Does that say anything about what I haven't been doing?

Back to my summer "vacation". Hah!

My nephew, Phil, got married in June. His bride, Jacklyn, is adorable and we're very blessed to have her in the family. Phil is a scream - he's about to graduate from the university where I work. I am blessed to be able to get the kid a cup of coffee from time to time. Here's Phil and Jacklyn in their wedding finery.

As some of you know, I had to dress a hat for my mum to wear to the wedding. Her eyes are very sensitive to light, but can she wear sunglasses like a normal person? Heck, no! She prefers those little foam visors like they sell in the craft department in Walmart. She had an idea to dress one up with tulle and lace and little bows to wear. I looked everywhere for a suitable dressy hat, but to no avail. This is what I came up with - it's one of those paper hats from Walmart, but I sort of gave it the Krylon touch. And the Erin touch, too. I trimmed the other hats as well. Mattie (my mom) is the one in pink. The redhead is my sister, April, the brunette is my sister, Amy, and the bald one is my brother, Rusty, father of the groom.

I'm the chubby one on the right. What's with that leaning stance I've assumed, I wonder? Too many scoops of ice cream at Tat Day? Hmmmmm.

I love that pair of shoes - I got them at K-Mart for $7.00. My kind of bargain. And my hat matches them! The joy of Krylon! I used "Satin Pink". Who would ever have guessed?

I have some tatting projects and some other things to post. I'm presently helping my sister, April (the redhead) with preparations for her daughter's wedding in October. I just finished her veil. I'm waiting for a pic from April to see how it did. I'm also tatting a few wedding goodies for Liza. I promise updates shortly.


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Gina said...

Are you sort of like the wedding planner only it's the wedding hat-maker? LOl! Beautiful surroundings and you all look gorgeous! Wondered why you'd been so quiet.
:-) Gina