Sunday, April 16, 2006

The long-awaited Hector Tatting Convention pictures are finally here. I had such a delightful time. And there is much, much, much to tell.

I flew into Rochester on Friday, March 31. Sherry was patiently awaiting (NOT - she was in a slight panic as Mark hadn't arrived on his scheduled flight). Seems Mark was stuck in Chicago. Sherry and I had a built in opportunity to grab a cup of coffee and catch up on things. I needed some caffiene, too. The Bonine and Benadryl cocktail was getting the best of me.

Mark arrived safe and sound and we all piled into Sherry's daughter's car and off to Canandaigua we went! Our adventure had begun in earnest.

We had a lovely evening of show and tell and tell and tell. We got to bed way too late for children our age. We awoke the next morning to a wonderful breakfast and more caffiene. Yum! Off to Hector we went.

It was so wonderful going to Hector. The gals had really outdone themselves in making us all feel warm and welcome. I was thrilled to run into Georgia and Rita. See my thrilled face? I'm thrilled, I tell you, really! Just ignore those extra chins there.

Here's a cute pic of Gina and Sherry. I took both of their classes. Great classes, ladies! Sherry taught dragon making and Gina taught a great beaded hat trim technique. I actually finished that hat, too, Gina. Look! I even have a model!

Stinky loves the hat. She thinks it's hers now.

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Gina said...

Fantastic job with the hat!!! It was so great to see you!

Hugs, Gina