Sunday, February 12, 2006

Okay - I've waited far too long to update the blog here.

I've started back into figure painting. We did these studies the other night. This one came out looking surprisingly like Chrissy. I was fairly happy. My sort of snooty classmate (who is a very evident veteran of art classes) informed me that it looked "just like it was done in graphite" - well they call that mixture of French Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna "French Gray" - duh.

Anyway, here's the pic.

I'll have to scope Snooty's work tomorrow night and see how she does. You can almost hear a vacuum from her sucking up to the teacher. Oh, I am so bad.

Lace wise - here's a sample of Scandinavian Holes - I'm up to lesson 7 now. I need to get my act together, too. The Atlanta lace-day is coming up next month. Egads. Tempus fugits when you're having fun.

Here's the "Scandalous Hos" (that's Raymond's name for them).

And here's what I've got on my pillow presently. What on earth was I thinking? I used machine quilting thread. It's okay, but I think I might need some glasses. Some real ones instead of my festive pink and yellow ones I got at the dollar store. For a dollar. But they worked for an awful long time.

I took this picture of Chatty who is so incredibly fascinated with any and all of my handwork accoutrements. As you can see, he not only likes to paw about my tatting bag, he darned well sort of gets into it. Hey - check out that toenail polish. I told you guys they stay painted all the time.

Oh. We had snow this weekend. This is what they sent us running to Kroger for milk, bread and toilet paper for.


Mark, aka Tatman said...

Don't ya just dislike those people that are art snooty. Rubs you the wrong way. Miss "know it alls". I usually blow them off and do my own thing. Or try to come up with some snappy answer to shut them up LOL! But then I have been away from College and art classes for a loooong time. So I generally do my own thing anyway :-D
Been a long time since you posted to your blog and WOW all the things you have to show! My cats are like Chatty as well. Anything that they can crawl into...especially needlework and they know you don't want them in there......they go for it.
Wonderful BL you are doing. And doing a good job. You are going at such a fast pace with excellent results. I am going at a slow pace. But it has to do with what time I have to devote. Your progress is astounding. Keep it up!!

LizAnderson said...

Nice painting and lacework. Congrats on being named as a Teacher at 2006 Palmettos Lace Days! I just know you'll wow them!